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Beta cover version of "Religion Without a God"

Welcome to Humani!

This is the website of author James Evans, named for the series of science fiction fantasy novels he promises he has started to write and definitely hopes to complete!

The first novel, Religion Without a God, is a prequel of sorts, set in the same universe as the main HUMANI sequence and beginning a couple of months prior to Humani properly. It is set a hundred thousand years after exodus from Earth, and in a distant part of the Galaxy.

One of the characters is destined to have a role in the series, and the principal character from Humani makes an impromptu appearance in this story (and even managed to wangle his way onto the original cover but has had to make do with an inside illustration for the print edition and updated E-Book).

The astute might guess that the original title was going to be "The Emperor's New Clothes" (it is left unintentionally in the Author's Note in the beta E-book edition). This also explains why there are two prologues from Jeb - one based around each of the intended titles. He was so proud of the first one he insisted I keep it...

I am currently working on a second Humani prequel, "Imperial Knight", which is intended to be a fast paced space opera adventure without any politics whatsoever.

A questions and comments section will be introduced eventually but meanwhile please do ask questions or make comments through Goodreads (link above).

More will follow once I gets to grips with the complexities (to me at least) of website construction.