Dental Insurance

We are the provider of :

  • Aetna

  • Blue Shield & Blue Cross

  • California Denti-Cal

  • Cigna

  • Delta Dental

  • Dentemax

  • Guardian

  • MetLife

Guidelines for insurance coverage:

  1. Orthodontic coverage may or may not be included in your dental insurance.

  2. Orthodontic insurances normally cover 50% of the total treatment fee up to the plan's mandated life time maximum, that amount varies by plan.

  3. Unlike general dental benefit, orthodontic coverage amount does not renew every year (with only a few exceptions).

  4. If your child has dual insurance coverages (guidelines 5 &6 apply), the primary insurance will belong to the insurance subscriber whose date of birth (DOB) is earlier. When calculating the fee estimate, the primary insurance's coverage amount and restriction will apply, the remainder will be paid by the second insurance.

  5. If you have dual insurance coverage for yourself, your plan will be the primary and your spouse' insurance will be the secondary.

  6. For dual insurance coverage - if the insurance plans follow the standard coordination of benefits (COB) rule, the secondary insurance will pay its portion after the primary insurance has completed its covered benefit.

  7. For dual insurance coverage - if the insurance policy includes a rule of non-duplication of benefits, the secondary plan will not pay any benefit once the the primary plan has paid the same or more than the secondary insurance coverage. The detail can be verified through your insurance company.

  8. If you provide your insurance information, we can verify your insurance benefit for you.