I'm James. I've been designing and building software for over 20 years.

As a kid, I loved building things with Legos. Wait, who am I kidding, I still love building things with Legos. The individual pieces are simple, like pixels... but with a whole bunch of them the possibilities are almost endless.

UX is very much the same. There's all these bits of data... and you can do some amazing things with that data. You can read it, write it, save it, search it, import it, export it, organize it, visualize it, derive conclusions from it, solve problems with it.

But to do all that successfully... to make the data as understandable, usable, and actionable as possible you need strong information design.

Digging around in my big Lego bucket of UX knowledge for solutions is at the heart of why I continue to enjoy designing interfaces and user experiences. There's an element of possibility and even play there that keeps it stimulating, fun, and rewarding.

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