Business Communication
Special Interest Group


Welcome to the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) Business Communication Special Interest Group's website. We aim to develop the discipline of teaching English conducive to participation in the world business community, involving all aspects of business communication, business skills and business focused training. We wish to provide instructors in this field with a means of collaboration and sharing best teaching practices. 

We are building something new: bridges between corporate, academic and private business English teachers. Sharing research, developing teaching methods, and building a community of teachers and trainers who want to study, learn and teach about business communication. If we didn't think there was potential to grow this group, we wouldn't be involved. We feel that business English teaching in Japan, has a strong and developing future. As the importance of Asian markets grow, so will the need for business English as a lingua franca. Furthermore, we hope that this business driven need for interactive English will also have a knock-on effect on university and school education practices over the coming years. 

The mission of the JALT Business Communication Special Interest Group (SIG) is to promote advancements in business communication education, research, and practice.

The SIG will focus on all aspects of business communication, such as business composition and technical writing, information systems, international business communication, management communication, organizational and corporate communication, and so on.
The SIG members are professors, scholars, and professionals focused on or interested in language and communication issues in the world of business and organizations. The SIG brings together academics from various fields, including linguistics, communications, and management sciences, as well as consultants, trainers, and managers working in multilingual contexts as an interdisciplinary endeavor. It aims to strengthen the connections between research, education,
and the professional world in a way that informs management education in today’s academic institutions.

The annual General Meeting will be held yearly at the JALT international conference. At the AGM, members elect and approve the SIG officers.