Jacob Peltola

Technical Artist & User Experience Designer

Hitpoint Studios


  • UI/UX Design

  • Game Development

  • Technical Art

Worked with Hitpoint Studios as a mobile game technical artist creating and optimizing production-ready assets for use through Unity while aiding in the direction of the art pipeline best practices.

Venture Valley is a multiplayer business-building game where you pit your strategy and savvy against friends and competitors. Build your empire from scratch, starting with a dog walking business. Then flip that into a successful mini-golf course, pizza parlor, drone delivery service, robot factory, or any other thrilling company available in Venture Valley.

Gettysburg AR is a mobile AR geolocational bases tour guide app aid designed and developed for the Beyond Reality Developer Content with Niantic’s goal was to encourage developers to use and give feedback on their platform while exploring new use cases and gameplay mechanics. As one of ten finalists, HitPoint’s goal was to create an experience at Gettysburg that would engage the almost 1,000,000 annual visitors in new ways.



  • UI/UX/XR Design

  • iOS/Unity Development

  • Technical Art

I worked with Figur8 on with their technology, a 3D motion tracking startup company based in the heart of Boston. They are actively developing custom Bluetooth sensors in a constantly improving technology that accommodates human health and habits first in design and development of their products.

Worked with designers and engineers with their sensor and mobile platform tech, utilizing it for XR applications, athletic conditioning, and gamification of physical therapy.

A project early on in development for use in engaging users with sensors was a "Zombie Boxing" demo app to gauge specific Bluetooth characteristics as input. I found making something engaging with these custom controllers before XR had even took off exciting and started my love for serious games and apps that not only held the attention of a user/player but also improved their health and body consciousness extremely rewarding.

Level 99 Games


  • UX/UI Design & Art

  • Game Development

  • Quality Assurance

Collaborated remotely with Level 99 Games as a UI/UX design consultant. It was a great experience working on a fighting board game with so many fun and interesting design complexities from tabletop to digital.

Petricore Inc.


  • UX/UI Design

  • Sound Effects Artist

  • Video Editor

Contributed to mobile game front end development, sound design, and advertising material for the mobile games Gelato Flicker and Mind the Arrow 2.0. I met and graduated with a lot of the Petricore team from Becker College and it was a pleasure interning for them to work on their products, I expect great things from them and that they continue to create games for years to come!

Octave is a musical adventure game where the music you play interacts with the environment around you. Rally your lost notes and discover what's disturbing this once peaceful musical isle!

Flimbo's Hair is an action packed stop motion animated game where you fly and fight your way through a dungeon of bats and eventually face your biggest fears. Made during Stop Motion Jam 2018!

SporeWar is a twin-stick shooter/strategy game placed in a fantastical mushroom world where you lead the charge into battle with platoons of fungal creatures at your command!

Quest Tycoon is a quest giving simulator! Play as an innkeeper desperately trying to stay in business. Send adventurers out on dangerous quests in hopes of them surviving and needing your inn to rest!