Jacob Peltola

User Experience & Game Designer

Zombie Boxing(figur8): A mobile shoot-out style boxing game featuring Bluetooth gyroscopic sensor characteristics as input!


  • iOS and Unity3D app development
  • 3D Art(Modeling, Rigging, and Animation)
  • Data analysis
  • Quality assurance

Developed custom Bluetooth wearables looking to gamify their technology. I designed and developed Bluetooth sensor peripheral visualizations and games for the sports and athletic conditioning industry, as well as apps for physical therapists.

BattleCON Online(Level 99 Games): A card-based duel between two fighters. BattleCON gives you a wide variety of unique tactics, and you'll combine these with strategic play to take down rivals in fast-paced duels.


  • User interface design
  • Game programming
  • Quality assurance

I collaborated remotely with Level 99 Games as a UI/UX design consultant and programmer. It was a great experience working on something from tabletop to video game form!

Gelato Flicker(Petricore): A fast-paced reaction selling game where you serve different ice creams in particular orders as fast as possible!


  • Game design
  • Audio/video production
  • Quality assurance

I helped out with user experience design and audio assets in their mobile games and also edited together their App Store and Google Play Store video trailers.

Florafiora(ZephyrWorkshop): A mobile application where players build ecosystems by connecting planetoids and civilizations. The game features numerous species of playable "Seedizens" and the worlds they inhabit, along with the enemies and challenges they face.


  • Level design
  • Gameplay programming
  • Game design

The game was conceptualized and designed by the Zephyr Workshop and Mob Made Games, in conjunction with Emily Hancock's illustrated art assets.

Octave is a musical adventure game where the music you play interacts with the environment around you. Rally your lost notes and discover what's disturbing this once peaceful musical isle.

SporeWar is a twin-stick shooter/strategy game placed in a fantastical mushroom world where you lead the charge into battle with platoons of fungal creatures at your command.

Quest Tycoon is a quest giving simulator! Play as an innkeeper desperately trying to stay in business. Send adventurers out on dangerous quests in hopes of them surviving and needing your inn to rest!

Deluge is a mobile endless digger, you are a raindrop tasked with the journey to the center of the planet. Use quick reflexes swiping, bomb placement tactics, and strategic thinking!