Jacob Peltola

UX/UI Developer and Technical Artist


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Stop Motion Jam | A month long collaborative game jam/art-a-thon dedicated to incorporating the stop motion animation technique in an interactive medium!


  • Founder & Community Manager

Do you know anyone creating stop motion art for games and movies? If yes, I started a community of people also interested in doing so; The jam's goal is not intended for authenticity, play-ability, and or ranking; it's sole purpose is for creatives to get together and informally learn to use art/animation techniques for a game or visual experience and have fun doing so! It's held once a year worldwide and is a beacon for patient stop motion animators to take on a month long project as artists, animators, and game developers alike. Follow us on Twitter!

ZomBoxing | A mobile shoot-out style boxing game featuring Bluetooth gyroscopic sensors as input!


  • UX/UI Design

  • Unity Development

  • Data Analysis/Quality Assurance

Figur8tech is a 3D motion tracking company based in the heart of Boston that is actively developing custom Bluetooth sensors in a constantly improving technology that accommodates human health and habits first in design and development of their products. I had the chance to work as a contractor designing user experiences with their tech, utilizing it for XR applications, athletic conditioning, and gamification.

BattleCON Online | A card-based duel between two fighters. BattleCON gives you a wide variety of unique tactics, and you'll combine these with strategic play to take down rivals in fast-paced duels.


  • UI Art & Unity Development

I collaborated remotely with Level 99 Games as a UI/UX design consultant and UI Designer. It was a great experience working on something with so much history and complexity from tabletop into video game form. You can play the game in early access online against or with your friends on Steam!

Gelato Flicker | A fast-paced reaction selling game where you serve different ice creams in particular orders as fast as possible!


  • UX/UI Design

  • Sound Effects Artist

  • Video Editor

When I had the opportunity to intern at Petricore during my attendance at Becker College for interactive media design; I learned more about mobile game front end development, sound design, and marketing from assisting development and design on their mobile game projects Gelato Flicker and Mind the Arrow 2.0. I contributed user experience design and audio sound effects and also created their video trailers from existing game assets and marketing material.

Self-Published Projects

Octave is a musical adventure game where the music you play interacts with the environment around you. Rally your lost notes and discover what's disturbing this once peaceful musical isle!

SporeWar is a twin-stick shooter/strategy game placed in a fantastical mushroom world where you lead the charge into battle with platoons of fungal creatures at your command!

Quest Tycoon is a quest giving simulator! Play as an innkeeper desperately trying to stay in business. Send adventurers out on dangerous quests in hopes of them surviving and needing your inn to rest!

Flimbo's Hair is an action packed stop motion animated game where you fly and fight your way through a dungeon of bats and eventually face your biggest fears. Made during Stop Motion Jam 2018!