About Me

Journey & Values

I'm a creative with an obsession for how humans interpret and interact with technology. I've had the opportunity to work in a wide assortment roles designing, developing, and solving for better user experience and interface design by working in game programming, world building, and technical art positions.

Having experience in cross discipline roles designing, developing, and producing; marketable, stable, and genuinely fun video games and interactive applications, my goal when creating/contributing to any technology is to prioritize ease-of-use, empathetic design, and emotive impact to each relative aspect of an interactive digital product.

My focus initially began for game development and user experience design when I started learning and applying programming and manufacturing principles to build and control robots for FIRST & VEX robotics; following that I pursued and graduated with my bachelors degree in "Interactive Media Design. My joy comes from fabrication and assembling of art, specializing in Maya & Unity3D for modeling, rigging, and rendering.. though I’ve used a variety of different artistic tools and game engines to convey stories, emotional user experiences, and immersive gameplay!

I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Interactive Media Design from Becker College in 2016 while running my own game studio “Box Mountain Games” during and after college from 2014-2017. I was nominated for Forbes 30 under 30 in Game Design and awarded from local organizations for my work and contributions to my community organizing game development events in central and eastern Massachusetts. After creating and producing in the entertainment industry.. I began utilizing my experience from games/software development for use with medical, Core/STEM learning, and historical preservation groups seeking to break into the virtual space.

My desire is to help, invent, and improve focus on what matters most in an application's interface and overall usability, and for that reason I continuously explore to learn more about the ever-evolving and updating processes within interactive media.

I now work as a technical artist at one of the most influential and successful enterprise metaverse companies with my skillset contributing to technical art, UI/UX design, and avatar + virtual world customization.

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