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User Experience & Game Designer

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Clutch the Crown - Multiplayer Strategy

I designed and developed "Clutch the Crown" for Ludum Dare Compo, a game jam competition where developers are given a theme and time constraint to make a game prototype.

The theme was "Entire Game on One Scree", so I wanted to create something fun and strategic where two players could see a clear goal and counter each other with a means to the objective. I was inspired by The Behemoth's flash games like Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theatre; both of which offer a wacky art style and obscure but acceptably tangible design goals.


  • Player 1 - Q: Spawn Miner, W: Spawn Knight. E: Upgrade Keep
  • Player 2 - I: Spawn Miner, O: Spawn Knight, P: Upgrade Keep

I recorded a time lapse of me actively developing during the time-span of the jam!

Makeega - Survival RPG

I designed and developed "Makeega" after working on an Island Troll Tribes mod for Dota 2 (a full remaster of Warcraft III's custom map), the game's objective was to co-operate with AI or other players and survive on an island monitoring your hunger, heat, and energy.; whilst figuring out secrets of the island and a means of escape.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys to Move
  • Left Click/Ctrl to Hold Pickup
  • Right Click/Alt to Interact/Use
  • Middle Click/Spacebar to Craft

RuneGower - Platformer

I designed and developed RuneGower during "GBJam 3" (Game Boy Jam 3). Developers are tasked with creating a game within the following time and technology constraints:

  1. Keep in the original GameBoy screen resolution of 160px x 144px
  2. Use only 4 colors in your game


  • WASD or Arrow Keys to Move
  • Space to Jump
  • Left Click/Ctrl to Spin

Little Shoe People - Adventure-Rhythm

Little Shoe People was made during Becker College's 24 Hour Game Jam.

Themes: Shoes, Shadows, Biological Threat


  • Space to Jump
  • Left-Click or S to Stab
  • C for Roll Credits


  • Jacob Peltola - Art, Programming, Design, and Music
  • Mike Flood - Programming and Design
  • Nick Mudry - Programming, Design, Art, and Sound
  • Sarah Como - Art and Design

Source Control: via GitHub: https://github.com/juste119/LittleShoePeople

In Progress Projects

This prototype is called "Seasonal", players progress through spring, summer, fall, and winter as a seed, plant, flower, and then leaf.

An AR puzzle game where you play as a diver who has to rescue fish and risk collecting treasure along the way while cats start to dismantle the tank.