"Bicep Curl Demo" an early iOS app adaptation of Human Motion Capture featuring select workout stances.

The gauge UI design is used to represent the angles of the user's arms with individually paired BluetoothLE sensors in realtime.

Debugging and data analysis companion app "Human Motion Capture" used to test and record data for BluetoothLE sensors.

The app features UI anchored to corners of the screen with the model subject directly in the middle with free form rotation and direct joint selection and comparison available through touch input handlers.

Early draft of "Zombie Boxing" showcasing a shoot-out gallery style fist propulsion game played using BluetoothLE sensors.

During the design process it was important to eliminate as many menus during gameplay as possible as users would be using wireless sensors as input, limiting the UI to a heart health bar, left and right arm "launch cooldown" visual indicators, and a score with in-line score increase notifications.

Quest Tycoon: #1GAM(1 Game A Month) Mobile Game Design