Principal Investigators

These members have made a long-term commitment to full participation in the group. This includes regular attendance at group meetings and support of other group members through mentoring and grant funding.

Caroline Bot: Extragalactic ISM infrared emission

Martha Boyer: Evolved stars, Local galaxies

Karoline Gilbert: Nearby galaxies, M31, galaxy structure

Karl Gordon: Dust Grains; Absorption, Scattering, & Emission

Joshua Peek: Diffuse Universe, Circumgalactic medium

Julia Roman-Duval: Dust properties, lifecyle of metals, molecular clouds, star formation

Erik Tollerud: Resolved stellar pops, near field cosmology

Postdoctoral Researchers

These members are working on projects in collaboration with other group members, generally supported by grant funding.

Yumi Choi: Resolved stellar populations, nearby galaxies

Christopher Clark: Dust properties in nearby galaxies

Steve Goldman: Evolved stars; Mass loss

Lea Hagen: Local galaxies, UV extinction and attenuation curves

Katharina Lutz: ISM in local galaxies

Claire Murray: Galactic ISM structure; radio observations

Giada Pastorelli: Nearby galaxies, star formation histories, evolved star models

John Wu: Galaxy evolution and the multiphase interstellar medium

Enrico Di Teodoro: Galaxy modeling, dynamics

Marjorie Decleir: Nearby galaxies, radiative transfer

Aleksandra Hamanowicz: dust depletion in low-Z environments, CGM of Milky Way analogues

Petia Yanchulova Merica-Jones: Dust properties, galactic structure, Magellanic Clouds

Graduate Students

These members are graduate students working on their PhDs with one or more of the Principal Investigators or Postdoctoral Researchers.

Dries Van De Putte (Univ. of Ghent/STScI): Gas and dust radiative transfer

Christina Lindberg (JHU): Scylla

Michael Busch (JHU): Hydroxyl in the Galaxy and Local Group.

Adjunct Investigators

These members have made a commitment to partial participation in the group through occasional attendance at group meetings at a minimum.

Susan Kassin: Galaxy formation

Sarah Kendrew: Star formation

Brandon Lawton: Diffuse Interstellar Bands (DIBs), ISM dust

Derck Massa: Hot stars, dust extinction

Karl Misselt: Dust, Radiative Transfer

Kate Rowland: galaxy evolution, dust in galaxies

Ravi Sankrit: Supernova Remnants, Dusty Symbiotic Stars, Diffuse ISM

Tea Temim: Pulsar wind nebulae, SN dust production

Dan Welty: Dust, Depletions

Past Members

Heddy Arab (former postdoc: currently Astronomical observatory of Strasbourg)

Jeremy Chastenet (former grad student: currently UC San Diego)

Bram Ochsendorf (postdoc)

Kirill Tchernyshyov (former grad student; currently UW)