IPCAI 2022

The 13th International Conference on Information Processing in
Computer- Assisted Interventions

June 7-8, 2022

Tokyo, Japan (Hybrid Event)

Information About IPCAI 2022

The International Conference on Information Processing in Computer-Assisted Interventions (IPCAI) is one of the most important forums for innovation in the domain of computer-assisted surgery. The IPCAI conference is an international interdisciplinary conference bringing together clinicians, computer scientists, engineers, and other researchers in a unique setting. The format of the meeting is designed specifically for active engagement from the attendees. Submissions of original works are encouraged within the broad areas of interest of computer-assisted interventions and specifically in:

  • Surgical data science

  • Interventional imaging

  • Systems and software

  • Evaluation and validation

  • Tracking and navigation

  • Interventional robotics

  • Surgical planning and simulation

  • Advanced intraoperative visualization and user interfaces

  • Augmented Reality for medical applications

  • Surgical skill analysis and workflow

The 13th occurance of IPCAI is intended to be held on June 7-8, 2022 in Tokyo (Japan) in conjunction with the Computer-Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS) Conference. IPCAI 2022 is endorsed by the International Society of Computer-aided Surgery (ISCAS) and the Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions (MICCAI) Society. The conference is currently planned to be a hybrid event with a balanced combination of in-person and virtual presentations and discussions.

IPCAI 2022 is a Hybrid Event.

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