Computer programming - fall of 2015


Conf. dr. ing. Marius MINEA

Tuesday, 10-13, room A115


conf. dr. ing. Marius MINEA, drd. ing. Alexandru IOVANOVICI


Office hours

Wednesday, from 14:00, room B418b


Very good resources are found on the course page, but you might be interested in the following ones too

  • Richard M. Reese, Understanding and Using C Pointers, 2013
  • Kochan, Stephen G. Programming in C. Sams Publishing, 2004.
  • Press, William H. Numerical recipes 3rd edition: The art of scientific computing. Cambridge university press, 2007.
  • Coursera online course: Programming Languages; Not using C, but interesting if you have curiosties in "many of the concepts that underlie all programming languages"
  • Khan Academy online.