Ph.D. Studies

Here I'm going to share reports and results regarding the progess of my Ph.D. studies in Computer Engineering.

  • Report #1: presenting an introduction to the field of Complex Network Analysis, a short introduction to issues regarding with the design and implementation of Sensor Networks and two contributions in the field of optimaly placing elements in a sensor network in order to optimize various parameters such as power efficiency and latency. The contributions are reported in 3 conference papers.
    • Note: Typographycally, it's an experiment in LaTeX with the Classic Thesis format, not implementing the official UPT template. Not to be used in the thesis.
  • Report #2: delves more into the area of reliability and fault tolerance laying the grounds for my research into designing fault-tolerant sensor networks, using the previously presented algorithms. I also present and analyse the next step in evolution of my previous algorithm, designed for multi-level single sink sensor networks. All this is integrated into a case study application, designed for monitoring road traffic in urban intersection in order to prove the grounds for a new class of adaptive intelligent traffic control systems.
  • Draft Thesis: provides an unifying approach to all the research I've carried towards implementing a methodology for node and relay placement in a sensor network for improving the reliability and power consumption of the network as a whole. In the same time a use this as a basis for a case study regarding the design and implementation of a road traffic monitoring and control network for adaptive traffic light systems;
    • Note: This version has the status of an internal report, still under constant and heavy updating, waiting the input of the advisory committee, and should be treated as such.