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Project in progress

Interactive Virtual Reality based Immersive Training Platform

The main motive of Advanced Technology Research Center (ATRC) project is to contrive an interactive virtual reality-based immersive platform for educational and training systems, that can offer inexpensive enticing experience in performing instrumental & safety education in industrial arena. To improvise the high-sense of immersion experience on touch and shape perception of 3D objects, we developed a Smart Exo-skin Glove, which generates realistic experience to the user. The developed Haptic Shoes can provide RealWalk experience of various topographical land textures and this can actively influence in data-based deep machine learning challenges.        

Morphable Haptic Controller for Manipulating VR·AR Contents

The project mainly emphasizes on the shape and volume of the controller that can  automatically change conferring to the situation of virtual/augmented reality. Elicited from this technology, regardless of the tool type, the sense of holding a virtual tool (for instance, table tennis club, tennis racket, baseball bat, golf club, etc.) can be simulated similarly to real ones.

We skillfully developed a Morphable Haptic Controller that can realistically express various feelings in a virtual environment by changing the length/volume, bending and center of gravity shifting.

Development of Actuating Technology for Automotive Display

The project mainly focused on the investigation of an actuating module for automotive display and the technology development for commercialization. 

We are currently developing an ultrasonic friction display based on piezoelectric actuators and we are also attentive to thrive a rendering algorithm for friction modulation.