“The adventure of awakening is among the most universal of human dramas.” ― Ken Wilber

Sometimes we don't even know what we are thinking or feeling until we give ourselves a chance to speak to someone who listens.

I offer an open heart and mind, a presence focused on you, while you explore who you are through the magic of talk therapy.

Give yourself the gift of integral health, bringing together all your parts: body, heart, mind, soul and spirit.


This approach is all about the present moment, the here and now experience in the room, in your body, in the relationship between therapist and client. Unfinished business is examined along with the ways we connect and disengage from the people in our lives.


This method takes a look at unconscious material, whether revealed in your dreams, fantasies, or slips of the tongue. Archetypes on a personal and collective level are explored, with special emphasis given to the shadow, the trickster, the anima/animus and the Self.


This way of being in the world brings awareness to each moment, a focus on the breath, a settling into the chair, a sinking into whatever you are feeling without judgment. Mindfulness is said to be the 4th wave in psychotherapy, proceeded by psychoanalysis, behaviorism and humanism.


This modality makes use of figures and a tray filled with sand. An exploration of the deeper psyche takes place by the placement and movement of these figures that range from the human to the mythical, animal to plant. Oftentimes pre-verbal issues or trauma can surface and find unspoken resolution.

Weekly meetings are recommended to build a solid therapeutic relationship. ​