About Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a ‘talking’ therapy which has been recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) as the therapy of choice for a variety of different mental health problems. CBT has been shown to be a least as effective as anti-depressant medication, but superior to medication in the prevention of relapse. It aims to be an evidence based therapy that is continuing to develop and evolve.

It is an educational approach which helps the client to understand their problems, and how these affect their lives through their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The focus of the therapy is to enable clients to find ways to change through insights gained and techniques learned in therapy which are more effective than their present coping strategies.

I aim to proceed with therapy at a pace that right for you but which encourages change. I welcome feedback from clients throughout the process.

CBT can help you

Change negative thinking patterns • Reduce negative feelings • Encourage positive emotions • Become more in control of your life • Develop increased confidence • Empower you to make change • Provide direction in your life • Find new ways to approach life issues • Deal with relationship issues more effectively • Come to terms with distressing experiences