These are resources that I have created or have found to be top shelf to share out with the world!

Panther Bytes- Tech Tips Newsletter

My newsletter that I send out to teachers every month with updates to tools that they use or new tools that might want to try. I also attach shout outs to teachers that are trying new tools or being innovative with their instruction.

Toilet Tech Tips

This my newsletter for students that I hang above the toilets in the student restrooms. Just like the "Learning on the Loo" you see at Google HQ buildings, I want to empower or force ;) students to learn how to use the technology they have access to more efficiently.

Jared's 12 Days of Techmas

Perfect and quick tech tips and resources for the season of giving! Keep checking for updates!

2019 12 Days of Techmas

19-20 Panther Bytes
12 Days of Techmas