Welcome to my page! My name is Jared Johnson. I am a Digital Learning Coach in Lexington, South Carolina. In my former life I was a high school Social Studies teacher. Technology integration has always been in my blood. In the days before 1:1 devices and learning management systems, I used to have a classroom MySpace page for my students to keep up with classroom activity. Crazy? Yep!

I love the impact technology can have on teaching and learning for students. However, technology is not the be all end all. To use the Spider-Man line; "With great power comes great responsibility." There must be good pedagogy behind it for it to be effective in teaching and in learning.

I have been very blessed that for the last two years the school I served was chosen to be a part of the Dynamic Learning Project. I am so excited to take what I have learned as a coach to my new school as their Digital Learning Coach. The Dynamic Learning Project seeks to improve education equity and student learning by supporting teachers with classroom coaching in an effort to better leverage technology in powerful and meaningful ways. (Click here to learn more!) The DLP has had a huge impact on me personally as they have taught me how to raise my game as a coach and have help me provide the tools to meet the challenges of my teachers. This has increased coaching opportunities in my building and has increased the effective use of technology by teachers and students.

My plan is to use this website to share resources and journal the successes and failures of coaching.

Contact: jaredjohnson4.0@gmail.com

Twitter: @DLC_Jared

YouTube: EdTech-ology