Welcome to my page! My name is Jared Johnson. I am a Digital Learning Coach in South Carolina. I'm advocate and coach for impactful technology use in the classroom. I love being able to speak with other educators and presenting at conferences where I can share my passion.

In my former life I was a high school Social Studies teacher. Technology integration has always been in my blood. In the days before 1:1 devices and learning management systems, I used to have a classroom MySpace page for my students to keep up with classroom assignments. Crazy? Yep!

I love the impact technology can have on teaching and learning for students. However, technology is not the be all end all. To use the Spider-Man line; "With great power comes great responsibility." There must be good pedagogy behind it for it to be effective in teaching and in learning.

When I first began teaching I never imagined I would end up here. I feel blessed in my career to have had many opportunities. Technology has always been involved in all I have done. My first year of teaching I bought a Dell laptop and a projector so I could do amazing and engaging presentations. Then I bought an iPod to download history videos to play in class. From there I fixed an old laptop cart by putting Linux on them to use them in class and added more RAM to my classroom desktops so students could create websites and access my class wiki.

That's when I was getting some attention from the district and was promoted to Technology Integration Specialist. The first couple of years I was responsible for training on Smartboards and piloted Google Apps at one of the middle schools. As I changed districts, my experiences, passions, and professional learning have kept growing.

Three years ago my career shifted again when my school was invited to participate in Google for Education's & Digital Promise's Dynamic Learning Project. The DLP changed my life because it gave me new skills and new perspectives on coaching and impactful technology use. Through the DLP, coaching model I was able to change how technology was used in the classroom. Teachers were more open to tackle hard challenges and take risks when it came to trying new tools to empower students to create, collaborate, and tackle more rigorous work. I was inspired by my mentors to also take risks and grow my skills. Then this year I decided to take another professional opportunity to apply to be Google for Education Innovator. The application process of Innovator along with the academy has opened my eyes to Design Thinking along with being an advocate for change in education.

Contact: jaredjohnson4.0@gmail.com

Twitter: @EdTech-ology

YouTube: EdTech-ology