PD Presentations/Sessions

I love sharing my passion for impactful technology integration with teachers from all over. As a technology coach, I believe it is important to build and expand one's Professional Learning Network. I enjoy sharing my stories, coaching others, and providing new learning experiences. I have been very fortunate to have had numerous opportunities to present and co-present at many educational technology conferences and school districts in South Carolina.

My Qualifications:

  • Masters in Education- Educational Technology
  • Google for Education Certified Innovator
  • Google for Education Certified Trainer
  • Google for Education Level 1 & Level 2 Certified
  • Certified Apple Teacher
  • Blended & Online Teacher Certified
UTC2019- Beyond Reality

Beyond Reality- Creating Your Own VR Tours

In this hands on session, we will learn how to use Google Street View app along with Google Tour Builder to create some amazing VR - Google Expedition type experiences!

View Mine at: https://poly.google.com/view/dgLgq1t3age

Level Up Google Slides

Level Up Learning with Google Slides

Move students from consuming content through teacher led presentations to student created activities like digital story telling, virtual fields trips, and more!

GOOGLE PD- Remix Your Classroom

Remix Your Classroom with Google Drawings!

Google Draws gives students the power to create, collaborate and share interactive posters, infographics, and diagrams to showcase their learning!

Google Classroom 101 (Aug 2018)

The New Google Classroom:

Google Classroom has some great new features that will increase your digital workflow!


Hype Your Impact

In this workshop, teachers will use G-Suite applications to develop interactive documents (Hyperdocs), providing engaging and differentiated learning environments for their students. This session is designed for all teachers


  • General- Elem-HS
Extend and Energize Learning Through VR_HyperBoard

Energize and Extend Learning Through Virtual Reality

Are you looking to energize your students and extend learning beyond the confines of your school walls? Come join us to learn how Virtual Reality can transform learning in your classroom! In this session, we will explore Google Expeditions, Google Cardboard and Youtube VR apps, while focusing on a variety of learning strategies that will better ensure authentic engagement and content understanding through Virtual Reality.


General (Elem-HS)

Hot Apps 2014.pdf

Red Hot Projects & Cool Apps

Some like it hot hot hot and some like it cool cool cool. Join us as we show you how to push your iPad to the max with some great project ideas and apps to do them with! Learn how to create digital stories with words and text through apps like StoryRobe, StoryKit, Splice, In A World, and Sock Puppets, just to name a few. You will also learn how to blow your students’ minds wide open with apps like 3D Augmentation and Word Lens. So bundle up or bring your swim wear cause its going to be hot hot hot then cool cool cool!

*Most apps will be free, however some are paid.


All Grade Levels


It's ALIVE: Bringing Pictures to Life with Augmented Reality

Bring learning to life through Augmented Reality. Students can bring historical figures to life, book reports can be interactive, and students can share presentations and more. It works like a QR code. Scan a picture with the app and boom! It's alive.


4th - 12th Grade.

Google Docs Presentation

Docs...Slides...Sheets..Drive...OH MY!

Forget all the colors of the rainbow. Your new favorite color is CHROME! Thanks to Google, you can now work in the "cloud!" No more need of flash drives. You can create and save all your files in Google Drive. All you need is a Gmail!

Google Apps

Google Can Do What? - Google Apps in Education (2012)

Google is much more than a search engine and email. You can create "Word" Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Quizzes all from your web browser. No more saving to your computer! You can get everything online anytime you need it!



Web 2.0 Tools