This page of the website is full of information about Indiana Jones. You'll find links to websites or topics we've mentioned in the podcast in addition to other great resources if you want to learn more about the expanded universe of Indiana Jones!

Indiana Jones Info

These are the ultimate websites for avid Indiana Jones fans. The first two websites are databases that contain information about every single piece of Indiana Jones content. You can also read tons of great articles about upcoming Indiana Jones news at Screen Rant.

Young Indiana Jones Info

Interested in learning more about the Young Indiana Jones television series? Check out the three sites listed above for general information, interviews, pictures, and cool behind the scenes facts about the show!

Indy's Attire

If you're interested in Indy's attire, make sure to check out the Indy Gear website to learn more about Indy's outfit. Herbert Johnson and Alden are great places to buy a pair of boots or a classic fedora. These were the exact same brands Harrison Ford used in the movies.

Young Indy: Around the World

Did you know that all the locations in Young Indiana Jones were real and shot on location? This website is a collaborative effort by fans to try and identify every specific location, building, statue, etc. that was used in the show. If you're going on vacation, check this website to see if you'll be stopping by some Young Indy locations!

Young Indiana Jones Music

One of the best things about Young Indiana Jones is the incredible music used throughout the series. Despite it being an award winning score, not all the music is released. However back in 2008, a fantastic website was put together by a group of dedicated fans. Music cue lists were made to detail how to get access to some of the unreleased music used in other Lucasfilm projects such as Lego Indy, Staff of Kings, and the DVD adventure games.

Indy in the Classroom

Want to learn more about the historical aspect of Indiana Jones? Check out this great website put together by a group of teachers that promotes the educational importance of Indiana Jones in a traditional classroom setting. You'll find lesson plans, articles, and interesting facts about the historical significance of events featured throughout the Indiana Jones movies and Young Indiana Jones series. If you're an aspiring archaeologist, you will definitely want to dig deeper into this fantastic website!

Fan Forums

If you're interested in discussing any Indiana Jones topics with fellow fans, then become a member of these two Indiana Jones forums! The Raven is the most popular and long-running one while It Belongs in a Museum is a brand new forum that is growing in popularity.

The Old Indiana Jones Chronicles

If you want a bit of nostalgia, check out this great YouTube channel that is dedicated to sharing the original format of Young Indy. Fans of the show have used old VHS tapes to restore each Young Indy episode to its original 1990's version with the Old Indy Bookends!

Young Indy Score

If you've enjoyed the soundtrack reviews on the podcast, be sure to check out the Young Indy Score channel to listen to the soundtrack from Young Indy. With over 100 tracks posted on the channel, this is the holy grail for soundtrack enthusiasts! Filmscore Fantastic has all four of the original soundtrack CD albums available for listening as well.