The Indiana Jones Universe

Welcome to The Indiana Jones Universe podcast website. The adventure begins!

When Indy rode off into the sunset in 1989, many fans thought this would be the last time Indiana Jones would appear on screen. However, just like with the Star Wars canon, George Lucas decided to expand the Indiana Jones franchise with tons of new adventures in the form of comics, novels, video games, and a television series. But why are all of these adventures forgotten by so many fans? Do they truly live up to the standards created by the original trilogy? Well, three obsessive hobbyists seemed to think so and felt that the expanded universe of Indiana Jones deserved recognition. And so, The Indiana Jones Universe podcast was created.

Join Elijah and Will every month as they explore the incredible adventures of the world's greatest globe trotting archaeologist: Indiana Jones! Each episode is a casual and somewhat humorous opinionated conversation, with a slightly sophisticated analytical study, of the expanded universe content from the Indiana Jones franchise. You can expect to find discussions about The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones comic books, the Staff of Kings and Emperor's Tomb video games, the Indiana Jones novels, the original soundtracks, and so much more!