Technology Resources for Inclusive Learning

Resources for creating flexible learning opportunities for students across all learning environments. 


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 Check with your school teams to find out which programs and websites are supported  by your district.  Some resources require accounts and log ins.  Please read all terms and agreement before creating accounts and/or logging into websites.   

This site provides tools for educators and parents to explore.   Exploring websites and tools does not replace or bypass the AT consideration process that occurs within and is documented in  a student's IEP.    To learn more about AT processes, click here

Accessibility Needs Assessment
8 Tips to Make Curriculum Content Accessible
Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)
Built-in Software Accessibility
Hardware Accessibility Options
Switch Access Ideas
Translation and Closed Captioning

Every child has something to say!

Supports for kids with complex communication needs.

Every child can access books! 

 Ideas for all abilities.

Every child can write!  

Ideas for children of all abilities to express themselves.

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math
Every child engages with hands on activities!
Ideas for children to explore the world through STEM 

Let's get organized!  

Tips for students to plan their time, manage tasks, focus their attention, and complete all their work.

All children should regularly hear that they are smart, capable and important!

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