You Version of the Bible (bible.com)

This is an excellent resource for staying in touch with Scripture. Dozens of translations are available for every verse of the Bible. Even better you can use it on your phone/device with the YouVersion App.

In the coming weeks and month, there will be weekly opportunities to engage with the Scriptures, sermon topics and more by connecting with Michael Rich on the app--click link below:

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The Upper Room

This is the online devotional provides by Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church. There is a daily devotion provided each day, a Bible verse, a thought for the day, and a prayer focus. Millions of people use it across the world in many languages.


The Upper Room Disciplines

This is another daily devotional that is based on the lectionary texts for each week. As a pastor, I regularly use the Revised Common Lectionary to guide my study and sermon preparation each week.


The Revised Common Lectionary

There are a number of resources available with the same readings found across the internet. This may be one of the most concise versions.

Generally, I will preach from one of the scriptures each week, but I might reference the other texts in worship, or in the sermon when appropriate. You can guarantee that all of the texts will inform my devotional life and my study each week.

By using the RCL, a person will read many of the key sections of the Bible in the course of three years. It is a great discipline, and it is a way for all of us to be reading what many of the mainline denominations are using each week.


Daily Office (Mission of St. Clare)

This is a resource from the Anglican tradition. This resource helped sustain my spiritual life during five years in Japan. Includes the Psalms and Scriptures for the Daily Office from the Book of Common Prayer (The Episcopal Church). Note that the Wesley's used an older BCP in their day to guide their devotional life and to begin the Methodist movement.