Michael Rich has been involved in ministry in some form or fashion since 1978.

After finishing high school, he took off for Columbia, AL to work with children and youth for a summer. With a place to live, meals provided, and $50 dollars a week in pay, he became a "church professional."

Since then, he has managed to get lots of education with stints at Huntingdon College, Duke University, Wesley Theological Seminary, and the University of Maryland.

He has served in a number of positions in the church, from youth director to camp director, from pastor to communicator. He has also worked outside of the church in higher education, in non-profits and in the news media.

He has published many thousands of words over the years in magazines, newspapers, and websites. He has published photographs and videos and a variety of media through the years. He has discovered that he never tires of sharing his thoughts and stories.

After working for the Western North Carolina Conference for six years, he felt the call back to work full-time with a local church in a community. He firmly believes that it is in the local context where God "provides the most significant arenas through which disciple-making occurs."