fōrmātiō f (genitive fōrmātiōnis); third declension

  1. The act of shaping, forming or fashioning.
  2. Synonyms: fōrmātūra, fōrmitās
  3. A form, design, plan.


If we have been baptized we are always in a state of formation ("in formatio"). We are being formed into the people God intended us to be. If we are following Jesus, we have never "made it" but are continuously growing and continuing to learn what it means to be a disciple.

This site is based on an earlier blog site that the author ran for years on WordPress. It will be a collection of reflections, media and various pieces of notes and ideas about Christian Formation-in general, and specific to my context.

The BLOG includes the thoughts and musings of Michael Rich, pastor of Rehobeth United Methodist Church in Terrell, NC (as of July 2, 2018). This will be more like a journal or a record of active study and reflection.

The RESOURCE page includes links to sites and material that can be be used on the Christian journey. The page will continue to grow and evolve.

This site is in its early stages. Keep checking back for more resources.