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"I have three kids studying with Katrina.  Each one of them has different spirits and skills.  Katrina finds the way to the heart and mind of each of them.  I feel we have been very lucky to meet her."  --Gail.

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Why Invest in a Tutor?

I'm often asked "Why should my child work with a tutor?"  In my experience as a professional educator, tutoring helps students make significant improvements in their reading and writing.    The child who is just starting to read or struggles in the classroom is often the child who does not want to raise his or her hand in front of others.    I've seen students who were unfocused and resistant to learning blossom when they receive tutoring.   Why?  Tutoring targets the instruction to the student as an individual.  It addresses learning difficulties and challenges in a positive environment.  

Welcome to ImprovEng

I am Katrina Bergman--librarian by trade and educator by passion.   My goal is to help children learn to love reading, from the moment they read their first story to writing their first book report.  I have worked with all ages, from seven- and eight-year-olds  to college students and I know what they need to learn at each step in their education.  To find out more about me, click here.