IMPI meets twice a year, usually in March and September, with members arranging agendas and chairing meetings in rotation. Each meeting is structured around a theme agreed at the previous meeting. Action points from each meeting are taken by the member due to chair the next meeting, and are distributed within two weeks of the meeting.

IMPI meetings will normally include contributions from invited guests, providing a focus for the agreed theme of the meeting. Examples of invited guests include suppliers, expert opinion leaders, information managers from non-pharmaceutical industries etc.

The IMPI organisation operates with an open and relatively informal approach, which encourages all members to contribute and to share experience for the common good. The requirements of company confidentiality are always respected.

The next meeting will take place in March 2020.

General themes from previous meetings have included:

  • The changing roles of information professionals
  • Pipeline database data quality
  • Social media tools
  • Electronic journal / library management & mobile technology
  • Copyright
  • Text-mining
  • PDF searching & management