The group was formed in the mid-70's by Information Managers from a number of UK R&D pharmaceutical companies who felt that a managerial level, industry specific body was required to address the challenges the profession faced at that time.

Founder companies - Beecham, ICI, May & Baker, Pfizer, SmithKline and Wellcome established the primary objectives of the group:

• To facilitate dialogue with commercial vendors to ensure that their products match the needs of the industry

• To encourage the development of the R & D pharmaceutical information profession

• To achieve these goals it was recognised that membership should be corporate and not personal

By the end of 1980 the founder companies, had been joined by Boots, Reckitt & Colman, Glaxo, Fisons and Syntex bringing the membership to 11 companies.

The membership has continued to change reflecting the development of the UK pharmaceutical industry. Mergers and acquisitions have introduced new companies as has the development of biotechnology companies however the objectives of the group remains the same.

As of 2018, membership stands at 8 companies.