IITK Campus Self-Help Group for COVID

Emergency situations and updates:

  • 17/05/21 (09:39 hr): Kavindra Chaturvedi (Phd student) infected with black fungus, needs Liposomal Amphotericin B injection at SGPGI Lucknow. Contact: Sandeep Pandey: +91-9918813121

About the group:

This is a self-help group for handling COVID emergencies in IIT Kanpur. Please look at the lists below for information about different initiatives organized by this self-help group. We need volunteers for each of these initiatives. If you can help, please fill out the google forms on the respective pages or contact the coordinators.

Telegram group for emergency requirements:

An active telegram (messenger app like Whatsapp) group has been created to take care of urgent requirements at the campus, please join using the link sent on the email by Prof. Ganesh (Deputy Director). To ensure that this large group remains focused and useful, please follow these guidelines.

  1. The aim of this group is to respond to medical emergencies of everyone related to IITK and their families.

  2. Mention name of the patient/primary contact and the campus address. Start all related posts with a hashtag of the name. e.g. #subir

  3. Post verified resources only. Begin posts with appropriate hashtags, all posts containing a hashtag can be seen by clicking on the hashtag. e.g. #bed #oximeter #vaccine #food #counseling #medicine.

  4. When replying to a message, click on it and press 'reply'. This links the messages, and makes it easy to see the whole chain of messages by clicking on them.

  5. One long post is better than multiple short posts. Easier to pin, search, and reply.

  6. Periodically take a look at the pinned messages on top.

  7. Avoid general discussions, complaints, and forwards. Unofficial therapeutic recommendations and advertisements will be deleted.