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Below you will find a selection of 'watch or listen again' events from previous York Disability Week programmes.  All are free to access:

Accessible Active Travel for All  – Isabelle was invited by INCLUDE (the University's disabled staff network) as part of Disability History Month. She makes the case for accessible active travel for all, setting out how inclusive walking, cycling & cycling infrastructure are central to a healthy, equitable and sustainable university community.

Journey to being active - Mo Onyett and Beth Moulam - Prepare to be inspired by Beth and Mo who are founder members of York RaceRunning Club (the sport is now called Frame Running).  Beth and Mo met at the University of York when Beth was a student and Mo was working in the Student Hub.  For very different reasons they had both come to Frame Running and their combined desire to be active led to the club being formed as part of the City of York Athletics Club.

Online via YouTube with auto-generated captions:

Life Unseen: Why the History of Blindness Matters - If you missed the event, or want to watch it again (or share with your friends) the talk is now on our YouTube channel (watch here). 

How To Find Employment As A Disabled Or Chronically Ill Young Adult -  Pippa Stacey.  The recording is on YouTube and available to watch, with BSL interpretation.  The BSL interpreter was 'pinned' throughout so you will see her more than the speaker Pippa, but it's Pippa's voice in the background...

Watch the video recording here:

Download the slides here:!Aht7vH-eUZrScX4MyGfGKsIxzSM?e=WsrHDA


Finding Accessible Work With A Chronic Illness:

How To Network Online:

Job Hunting As A Disabled Graduate:

Astriid Charity:

Business Disability Forum (For Employers):

Finding Inclusive Volunteering Opportunities:

Becoming A Chronically Ill Freelancer (My Story!):

5 Tips For Finding Flexible Work Opportunities (Video):

Working With A Chronic Illness (Weekly Vlog):

Georgia Vine's Blog:

Charlotte's SLT Blog:

Access for Whom - Dr Ossie Stewart -

The Tactile Universe: Accessible astrophysics with the vision impaired community - Dr Nic Bonne, University of Portsmouth - Blind astronomer, Dr Nic Bonne, discusses growing up with a vision impairment, how this impacted his career, and how it has affected his lifelong fascination with astronomy, a traditionally visual science

The Unlikely History of Disability Arts - Colin Hambrook, editor of Disability Arts Online, and Dave Lupton, aka Crippen, cartoonist and writer -

The unlikely history of disability arts as described over a period of 40 years by those involved from the very beginning to the present time.

To the uninitiated, disability art conjures an image of a disabled person struggling to paint by clutching a paint brush between their teeth or toes. However, throughout the course of the disabled peoples’ struggle for equal rights, Disability Arts has played a vital role.

Whether through the medium of the protest song, the caustic wit of the cartoon or satirical performance, the disabled artist has been there alongside those who have taken their protest onto the streets. 25 years on from the inauguration of the Disability Discrimination Act, Colin Hambrook, editor of Disability Arts Online, and Dave Lupton, aka Crippen, cartoonist and writer, will take you on a journey through the archives with stories such as the disabled musicians who came together outside ITV headquarters to bring an end to Telethon; the performance artist who made headlines by hurling his artificial leg at a mountain of charity collection cans. 

 Countdown to success: Marathon runner Charlotte Ellis in conversation -

Hear the inspiring story of visually impaired marathon runner Charlotte Ellis as she discusses her remarkable sporting journey with Elly Fiorentini of BBC Radio York.  

Charlotte will explain how she entered sport despite low expectations around sporting achievement for someone with sight loss and how the University of York was influential in her sporting career.

Visually impaired all her life, as a child Charlotte was discouraged from taking part in sport at school. However, she didn’t allow this to stop her and found alternative routes into sporting activity, including circus performing and self-defence. As a student at the University of York, she discovered trampolining, before being encouraged to take up running for the first time.

Another exciting challenge arose with a move to Triathlon, which led to world and European titles in 2010. But despite further success in Triathlon, Charlotte’s attention returned to running. Through hard work and dedication she qualified for the British Athletics team and a place in the World Para Athletics Marathon championships in 2020. Unfortunately the event was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Eleanor Worthington Prize on Art and Disability Prize giving event -

Remembering Lynn Jeffries – Disability Rights Campaigner (1956-2014) - Music by the Karen Sheader band '08 Bar Room Bolloxs'.

Made as part of York Disability Pride 2017 celebrations, this short film remembers Lynn Jeffries who played a key role in setting up York Independent Living Network ( Lynn Jeffries was a disability rights campaigner in York. She made a significant contribution to equality and inclusion work in the city. Lynn passed away aged 58 in August 2014. This film includes some memories from people who knew and worked with her. 

Thanks to Ali Cowen, Marije Davidson, Keith Chapman, Rita Sanderson, Sian Balsom and Diane Roworth for sharing.