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Camille Johnson

Happy 2019! I hope that you had a relaxing holiday break!

Lola and I wanted to introduce ourselves as Co-Presidents. As I sit to write this, I realize how difficult I find it to write about myself. This makes me realize that we should celebrate ourselves more often.

Born and raised in Twin Falls, I headed north to U of I and then west to BSU and back to Twin Falls again. I am in the middle of my 14th year as “The Pottery Teacher” at Twin Falls High School. I am the Visual Arts Department Head for the Twin Falls School District and a single mother of 3. I have an Art Education degree from Boise State University and recently completed my Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Kansas. I began as a painting major in college and had no idea that I would eventually teach only pottery. I love my job and my high school students and believe that arts education is the foundation of all things. The arts humanize us and celebrate who we are as individuals. In October of 2005, the second month of my first year of teaching, I took on the role of President of the Idaho Art Education Association. I am excited to step back in to this position with Lola, as I realize just how important it is that we work together and support each other in an effort to serve the association and advocate for the arts.

Lola Johnson

This is such an exciting opportunity to serve the amazing art educators of Idaho. Attending the annual conferences has always been the highlight of my year, learning so much from all of you through time spent together and all that our fine colleagues share in their presentations and workshops. I always come away with new knowledge and so many things I want to use with students. I am looking forward to working with our outstanding board to continue to bring you quality professional development and share opportunities for you and your students to grow as artists. Camille and I have worked on several projects in the past, and I am so looking forward to sharing this role with her.

For those who don’t know me, I am born and raised here in Idaho. I attended the University of Idaho and have been teaching at Lowell Scott Middle School in West Ada School District since 1999. I enjoy working with a large variety of art media and techniques, and love to learn new methods and explore new art forms, both personally and with my students. I believe creativity is an essential skill for everyone, and I emphasize problem solving in the classroom. Why I teach: The students! They make this the best job in the world! I look forward to the next two years and all that we can do together to promote, advocate for, and grow art education in Idaho.


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