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Past President’s Thoughts/Report—Michele Chmielewski

  • Past President’s Report: This summer, our now co-president, Camille Johnson and I, were able to attend the NAEA Leadership Conference in Charleston, SC. It was a tremendous opportunity to be with art education leaders from around the country. We addressed questions and concerns about equity, inclusion, and diversity in our association. I also attended my first NAEA board meeting, as Pacific region VP Elect! It is a big learning curve but I look forward to serving in this capacity over the next few years. I made Idaho proud by being selected to present at the leadership conference about what we have been doing in Idaho to reach and grow our membership and offerings.
  • The fall conference was my final days as IAEA President, I want to share again how thrilled I am at the community we have become together. The IAEA Board has supported the goals to bring two conferences to you every year. We had our 4th “mini” Spring Conference in McCall and it was fantastic. I have tremendous gratitude to the IAEA executive board members, our hostess, keynotes, presenters, vendors, and numerous volunteers. Manifested is the vision to lead with a strong partnership with you all, as a volunteer organization, promoting art education in Idaho. Pat yourselves on the back!!
  • Now after the fall’s conference, I am stepping into the Past President tier, as Camille and Lola, step up to the plate as co-presidents. They will do a wonderful job! We are always in need of new people to take the leap and join our board. It is our hope that we can encourage you brave the unknown and look at joining our board IN the future. Please step forward with the willingness to learn and grow. No experience required!

Stay creative and life long learners.

Michele Chmielewski



Camille Strolberg Johnson


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