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President’s Thoughts/Report—Michele Chmielewski

As my two year term winds down to a close this fall as President, I want to share my goals with you for this association. My vision is to lead in a partnership with you all as a volunteer organization promoting art education in Idaho. IAEA executive board is not an elite club but lifelong learners ready to serve our colleagues and the arts. All it takes is YOU to say “YES” and be ready to learn, collaborate, and communicate as best possible.

Another goal of mine and current boards members, has been to change things up a bit, glean new ideas from neighboring associations, and make the conference, newsletters, and offerings, as fresh and exciting as we could while engaging new and veteran members. I hope you take the opportunity to attend a conference and see for yourself! :)

Lastly, we wanted to create more offerings and opportunities for you– we had our third annual region mini conference this spring, which allows for more outreach. We are making concerted effort to move the fall and spring conferences around the state to make accessible attendance and hopefully travel logistics easier. We will be hosting our second, “Walking the Fine Art Line” art educator show this fall in conjunction with the conference. We are also working through the details of a summer art retreat for next June as a means to engage and support art educators in their own art making processes.

That being said, there is a lot of opportunity to serve the IAEA. We need future executive board members (this fall a President-Elect), representatives for divisions, regions, and your school district. Also needed are conference volunteers and coordinators, silent auction organizers, and so on. You will see on the registration form, we added an optional volunteer sign up list for help at the fall conference. We try to run the conferences with grace but could use your skills to keep our boat afloat!

SO join us for a full two day conference!!! Experience the joy of being with your comrades!

Explore ideas for your curriculum & resources!! Empower your artist self!!

All DAY Friday and Saturday, Oct 6th and 7th, 2017

(with Thursday night PreFunk Art Activity Optional)

"ARTventure Awaits" -


Pocatello High School, in beautiful Pocatello, Idaho--

with events around Pocatello and the Idaho State University campus.

Thanks to Shawn Phelps, Karen Whittier, & Jennifer VanWasshenova for being willing and able to host this at their school. Also a HUGE shout out to the amazing ISU professors, Naomi (Adams) Velasquez & Laura Ahola-Young, who are helping coordinate and host our Master classes Saturday on the Idaho State University campus!

Stay creative and life long learners.

Michele Chmielewski


Michele Chmielewski


(208) 471-8040

Co-President Elects

Camille Strolberg Johnson


& Lola Johnson


Vice President

Danielle Forsberg



Amber Steele Poelstra



Alison Noble


Co- Past Presidents

Shawn Phelps


& Karen Fothergill


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