Member Highlights

IAEA members/board/educators/artists are amazing people!

Check out what they create and do everyday!

JULY 2018- IAEA President & NAEA Pacific Region VP Elect, Michele Chmielewski, attends her first NAEA board meeting & presents at the NAEA Leadership Conference! IAEA President Elect, Camille Johnson, joins her for the four day NAEA Leadership conference in Charleston, South Carolina.

Check out Linda Buczynski on this blog! Linda Buczynski is an artist and educator in Boise known for her generous enthusiasm, quirky sense of humor, and contagious goodwill. She teaches art at Sage International School, as well as art education at Boise State University, and has received an Art Educator of the Year award for both. We sat in on a workshop in her home studio, Heartworks, to get a sense of her self-developed method for introspection: journaling, collage work, and discovering how to ask yourself a “good question”. Time spent with Linda is a timely reminder that the answers we seek are not as profound as the journey itself; that gratitude, playfulness, and staying a life-long learner will help us along the way.

IAEA Board members have a retreat to plan, prepare, and INVESTIGATE opportunities for IAEA members

June 2018

National Art Education Association Convention in the Northwest!!!! March 2018

We honored our IAEA Art Educator of the Year, Jerry HENDERSHOT at the National Art Education Association convention in Seattle at the Pacific Region Awards

IAEA member & Shelley HS Art Teacher, Daniel Borup, presents "Sculpting your creative mindset" at TedTalk! TEDxIdahoFalls


Five IAEA board members attended the NAEA Pacific Region Leadership Conference, Aug. 1-3, 2017 in San Diego, CA. This was an excellent leadership and association growth opportunity to work with neighboring association leaders and NAEA board executive members on advocacy, policy, and membership.

Michele Chmielewski, IAEA President, presenting Idaho's art for the Unity Project.

Representing Idaho and learning a lot while there! Our exec board: Camille Johnson- President Elect, Danielle Forsberg- VP, Michele Chmielewski-President, Alison Noble- Secretary, and Amber Poelstra- Treasurer.

Group shot of all the leaders from the Pacific region in attendance. Represented are Idaho, Oregon, California, Arizona, Hawaii, Washington, Utah and BC Canada. Also present Past NAEA president, Pat Franklin.