10th International Conference on Biomedical Ontology

July 29 - August 2 2019

Buffalo, NY

Call for Papers and Workshops

Conference Location

955 Main Street, Buffalo, NY, 14203

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Themes for ICBO 2019

  1. Ontological Realism & Alternative Approaches in the context of biological and biomedical data
  2. Genetics, Phenotypes, Disease, and Ontology across biology and medicine
  3. Ontology in Service of Healthcare Data Infrastructure and Analysis
    • Use of ontologies for data infrastructure needs, including reporting services, cohort discovery, and data warehousing
    • Using OBO ontologies in coordination with non-OBO ontologies (e.g., SNOMED)
    • Lessons from ontological analysis of large EHR systems, VA data, etc.
    • Integration of medical and non-medical data (e.g., integrating disease diagnosis with geographic information)
    • Methods to improve data translation/annotation processes, including NLP and machine learning

Submissions on other topics are welcome as well.

Call for Papers and Abstracts

  1. Full length papers up to 6-10 pages, due April 1, notification May 1
  2. Early career papers 4-10 pages, due April 1, notification May 1
  3. Poster Abstracts: 1 page extended abstract format, with limited references, due May 15, notification June 1

Call for Software Demos

Due May 15, notification June 1.

Submission Details

All submissions will be via Easy Chair

Registration and Lodging

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Registration information will be posted soon (March 2019).

Organizing Committee

Alexander Diehl, University at Buffalo

William Duncan, University at Buffalo

Peter Elkin, University at Buffalo

Werner Ceusters, University at Buffalo

Marge Elkin

ICBO Series Founder and Advisor to Organizing Committee

Barry Smith, University at Buffalo