Math AA

Breakdown for all M21 onwards Math Courses:

Application & Interpretations SL (AI SL):

  • IB Course equivalent is Maths Studies
  • heavy in statistics as the current studies is
  • Useful in the same ways the current studies is useful

Applications & Interpretations HL (AI HL):

  • NO IB Course equivalent
  • Heavy AP Stats content
  • STRONG focus on modelling
  • STRONG focus on statistics
  • Maths Studies curriculum + Math HL curriculum basics + Further Math HL parts
  • From Math HL: Vectors, Integration with a focus on finding areas, Probability Density Functions.
  • From Further Math HL: Basic Linear Algebra, Discrete Math (simple graph theory).
  • Useful in applied science fields that are NOT heavy in traditional math and calculus

Analysis & Approaches SL (AA SL):

  • IB Course Equivalent is Math SL
  • Less distinct course content than Math SL
  • Useful in the same way the old Math SL was

Anslysis & Approaches HL (AA HL):

  • IB Course Equivalent is Math HL
  • Heavy AP Calculus AB content
  • Math HL + Calculus Option
  • Does NOT have another option to choose from
  • Useful in pure math and fields of science that are very heavy in math and calculus (pathway to any higher level math courses at uni).

Note: Both AI HL, and AA HL have higher level math content studied usually in university, however AA HL gears you for the "analysis" as is in the name, while AI HL seems to have been built for "application", as is very evident in the textbooks and curriculum papers I have seen.

If you see any mistakes or something is blatantly wrong, contact @Lake#3557 .

Detailed Breakdown of Syllabus

AI SL: Old maths studies. Compared to maths studies, there are a few additions alike Voronoi diagrams, simple integration by hand or using trapezoidal rule, t-test, modelling using graphs, addition of sine graph, binomial, Spearman's rank correlation, bais clogs. The IA has also changed, now it is more like current maths SL/HL. Otherwise, it is good ol' maths studies.

AI HL: It is like old maths HL but with statistics option (MUCH harder than AI SL). There are a few things that have been removed compared to maths HL: hard integration (say by parts), some theoretical parts (say vector dot/cross properties or the way rational functions look). In addition it gets lots of statistics option, matrices (!!!) (including properties, eigenvalues/eigenvectors, determinants, Markov chains and other smaller bits and pieces) and solving differential equations using numerical Euler's method (up to second order differential equation). It also gets all the stuff from the AI SL (so say Voronoi diagrams and trapezoidal rule). ALSO: changes to exam. ALL papers have GDC. Paper 1 and 2 are 2 hrs long (P1 is lots of section A questions, P2 is lots of section B questions). Paper 3 is 1 hr long, some kind of extended response questions. No clue what is that exactly, read guide for further guidance.(modifié)

AA SL: old maths SL, but without vectors. That's all mostly. Very small changes otherwise.

AA HL: old maths HL, but with half of calculus option (excluding convergence/divergence series, Taylor series, Riemman sum, Rolle's/mean value theorem, integral with infinite boundaries and some smaller pieces). Also Poisson is gone now. In return it gets: integration by partial fractions, some more rational functions (with oblique asymptotes), a bit more theory on stats; and from calculus option it gets: L'hop, Maclaurian series, first order differential equations, Euler's method for first order. Exam for P1 and P2 is the same, but P3 is a new type: 1 hr long with GDC, where you answer 2 extended response questions. Again, no idea what exactly is that, check guide for further information.