Surfer_IV, Wave Chaser

Surfer_IV, Wave Chaser


Unique Single Edition + 1 AP

180 x 100 cm (70 x 39")

Eur 3.850,-

Limited Edition of 3 + 1 AP

100 x 70 cm (27 x 39")

includes printed white board

Eur 2.250,-

Limited Edition of 7 + 1 AP

70 x 50 cm (27 x 19")

includes printed white board

Eur 950,-

Museum-Quality Fine Art Printing.

Holographic certification of Authenticity.

Artist's hand-written signature.

Unique ID code.

Special edition (different size and material) upon request available.

What the artist sees, and what he hopes to convey with this series, is the struggle between us and the things that are bigger than all of us ... life, the events of existence ... Some others have certainly already done this parallel with surfing, a sport that the artist has never tried but that fascinates him, both aesthetically and as a philosophy: the search for the perfect wave. What is more - at the same time - so spiritually high, so ephemeral and so useless? A bit like our existence, a masterpiece of complexity both biological and of interactions, relationships, and events and at the same time, perhaps, useless with a beginning and an end well determined and ineluctable, and often almost nothing happening in between. And here the usual question, why do we exist?

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Prices are to be intended for the final customer, including Italy IVA (VAT). Ships in a tube. Other taxes, import duties, framing, shipping costs, and other special requests are NOT included.

Limited Edtions and Special Editions can be ordered directly to the artist at or to his artist management firm at e-mail: or tel/whatsapp +393887517152

Unique Single Edition, for an exclusive agreement, is available through Galerie Bruno Massa with offices in New York, Paris and Seoul, online here:

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