Beyond Broken Lives

The name of the series can be read either 'beyond broken lives' or 'beyond broken, (he/she/it) lives' and is a thought over life and death - linked to some of the personal events occurred to the artist during that period of time - and over any moment, any obstacle that seems impassable but can be overcome. Thus the images of the artworks can be read in two ways: stop and look at the broken and shattered glass, or make an effort and glimpse the life that is flowing beyond. Acceptance and passing over. An opposite way – but still a valid option – to the Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery gluing it with liquid gold, that not only is able to save the life of a ruined object, but also to create a new piece of art. In Beyond Broken Lives, accept and look beyond is the answer.

The Series consists of different subjects with horizontal or vertical development and different size. Here you can find a selection.

Beyond Broken Lives_I


Beyond Broken Lives_VII