Chromatism is an in-camera digital photo shot without any processing afterward project series. With Chromatism, Ian Art's research continues on the elements at the base of the image (light, colors, form, composition, movement, time...) with the tools today available.

And specifically - continuing in the artist's talk-walk of witnessing the current times - with the use of the popular digital image acquisition systems, that we all use. Subjects are non-posing people, objects or situations in order to extract the synthesis, the visible sense that is not immediately perceptible or comprehensible, but that reveals the inner essence.

That visible sense that we need to merge, connect to a form in order to be able to read it, understand it, interpret it, and then to be able to relate it.

The Series consists of different subjects with horizontal or vertical development and different size. Here you can find a selection.

Ian Art, Chromatism_III (2014-2019)



Ian Art, Chromatism_I (2016-2019)



Ian Art, Chromatism_II (2013-2019)