Suppliers of Get-Up - The yachtsman's safest and favourite mast ladder I founded Hurst-Marine in 1994 to offer quality and innovative products to the sailing community at reasonable prices. As a Master Mariner the time spent at sea has taught me to be resourceful and find solutions to problems often without recourse to other industry professionals.

All our sales are made direct to the customer which helps us keep the price low as there is no commission or broker mark up to include. Whilst there is a standard product we have the flexibility to work in any special customer requirements within reason.

We currently have two main product lines:

  • The Get-Up Mast Ladder which was the result of my frustration in not being able to ascend the mast on my own having all the halyards drawn through the mast, and my wife being unable to haul me up, even with the aid of a winch. Playing around with the dogs lead gave me an idea which with the aid of a rigging company resulted in the device we have to offer. The manufacturing is undertaken by a third party who specialise in the manufacture of webbing lifting slings and are contracted to us having all the necessary skills, equipment, insurance cover etc. as befits a climbing device.

  • A range of Spares for Leisure Yachts. A Leisure owner myself for many years I have been much involved with the Leisure Owners Association who own a range of moulds for producing spare GRP parts. The Association have appointed Hurst Marine to provide a spares service both for GRP parts, and some specialist parts such as tiller heads. The GRP moulding manufacturing is undertaken by a third party who specialise in the manufacture of glass fibre mouldings, and produce parts for some of the biggest and best known names in the UK Yacht Industry. They produce work of the very highest quality.

Gerry Askham