Hugo Montesinos, Teaching Summary

For a complete list of courses taught, see my CV at page 7.

At FSU (Florida State University)

ECS 5015: Economic Development: Theory and Practice (co-taught with my advisor). Syllabus.

ECO 3431: Analysis of Economic Data. Syllabus. Student Evaluations. RateMyProfessor

At IESA (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracion)

(Warning! Syllabi and student evaluations are in Spanish!)

Statistics for Managers (MBA level). Syllabus. Sample of Students Evaluations in 2012, and in 2014.

Research Tools (Master's in Marketing). Syllabus. Sample of Students Evaluations in 2014.

A PDF file containing my Students Evaluations from a sample of three different graduate courses at IESA.

At USB (Universidad Simon Bolivar)

(Warning! Weekly Schedules are in Spanish!)

Probability for Engineers and Mathematicians. Weekly Schedule ( As an example of how I design my courses)

Statistics for Engineers. Weekly Schedule (In Excel, as an example of how I plan and organize my courses)

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