Hugo Montesinos, Research Summary

For a complete list summarizing my research activities, see my CV at pages 2-6.

Job Market Paper

“The Rise and Fall Of Worldwide Income Inequality, 1820-2035,” with James D. Gwartney, and Joseph Connors.

In this paper, we use the demographic composition of the population to classify countries into phases of economic development or modernization: (1) pre-development, (2) initial growth, (3) improved productivity, and (4) receding growth. These phases are an omitted variable in the current economic development literature and have important implications for the literature on income inequality. For example, we document a steady reduction in worldwide income inequality from 2000 to 2015 and predict, using our theory, that this trend will continue in the years immediately ahead. The worldwide Gini-coefficient was 0.639 in 1960, 0.675 in 1980, 0.684 in 2000, and 0.591 in 2015.

Selected Publications

“The Effect of Damage Cap Reforms on Medical Malpractice Insurance Market Conditions during Periods of Crises,” with Patricia H. Born and J. Brad Karl. Forthcoming. The Journal of Risk and Insurance. Online Appendix.

“Former Centrally Planned Economies 25 Years after the Fall of Communism,” with James Gwartney, Cato Journal. 2018, Vol 38 (1).

“Unbundling the roles of human capital and institutions in economic development,” with H.Faria, D. Morales, and C. Navarro. European Journal of Political Economy. 2016, Vol 45.

“Should the modernization hypothesis survive Acemoglu, Johnson, Robinson and Yared? Some more evidence,” with H. Faria, and D. Morales. Econ Journal Watch. 2014. Vol 11(1), 17-36.

“Does Economic Freedom Cause Prosperity? An IV approach,” with H. Faria. Public Choice. 2009, 141: 103-127.

Selected Chapters and Books

“25 Years After the Fall of Communism: Eastern European Economies,” with J. Gwartney, Aleksander Aszek, Krytof Kruli, Martin Vlachynsk, Jure Stojan, and Adrian Nikolov. The Visio Journal. 2018, Vol 2. Edited by Tanja Pornik.

"The Critical Role of Economic Freedom in Venezuela’s Predicament," with H. Faria. In "Economic Freedom of the World: 2016 Annual Report, " Chapter 4.

Poverty Rate Dataset spanning 181 countries from 1970 to 2015

Excel Dataset. Stata Dataset. R Dataset. Please email me for questions about these data and citation details.