Vision & Mission



The Health Science Library Association (HSLA) has faith in the quality information which is essential for health enhancement. The HSLA aims to provide alliance of the most visible, valued and trusted health information experts. To achieve this, HSLA promotes excellence in the professional practice and leadership in health science library and information services; thereby contribute to the quality of health care, education and research across the state.


The Health Science Library Association (HSLA) has following functions:

  • Serve members by promoting mentorship and leadership.

  • Develop leadership skills through exploring new roles, knowledge and skill update.

  • To assist in recruitment and retain individuals to the profession by promoting health sciences librarianship.

  • Be the leading education facilitator of a profession by expanding the workshop and training programs to meet needs.

  • Demonstrate a value of quality health information by promoting the ethical value of a profession.

  • Develop and manage knowledge-base health information and research by promoting the creation of professional evidence-based research.

  • To build a network of experts working in different areas to develop a local, regional, national, and international partnership.