Hold On Pain Ends

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Home page

  • What is HOPE?
  • What is HOPE about?
  • What can I find on this website?

Stories from Survivor

  • Stories from people that may of felt just like you
  • What did they gain by staying alive
  • What could you miss

Stories from families

  • stories from those who lost loved ones to suicide


  • Teen suicide statistics
  • Resources for teens
  • Resources for parents
  • Support

Girl Scout Gold Award

  • What is the Girl Scout Gold Award


H.O.P.E is a Girl Scout Gold Award that was started in 2019 to bring attention and bring a voice to the subject of teen suicide. The project was started by a girl named Taylor who has become more and more passionate over the years about educating and preventing teen suicide. The hope of H.O.P.E is to spread the awareness of teenage suicide in every community around the world and to give people the tools that will make it easier to live a successful life.