Why HODLserv

Not all companies want to be involved with Cryptocurrency. There are banks that don't allow crypto transactions (Engadget). There have been companies that don't want their employees involved with crypto (News.Bitcoin). There has been much speculation over the early years of crypto like Bitcoin but since the most recent adoption wave not many financial institutes are laughing any more. Some companies are for crypto while others are against it.

Why are some companies banning or looking down upon cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is threatening the previous financial institution. The amount of transparency with crypto is almost completely while with the current financial system there's almost no transparency. The current financial system is heavily reliant upon “Trustees” of people, groups and businesses to verify transactions that are done online and VOIP (Phone calls made online). Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Do Not Require Trustees, the Blockchain Ledger and the cryptocurrency code is trust-able already.

Can we trust crypto over fiat?

There's no need to trust one over the other, look at crypto as another form of credit. Instead of using the credit system that dips your credit just for checking it, use the crypto system that gives you what seems to be endless options.

Another reason for Holding Service

We are a Distributive Holding & Avoidance Intermediaries (DHAI). We are decentralizing holding & legal avoidance to open up a new venture for entrepreneurs, which creates work for more people while helping others build their growth with holding techniques.

What's next