HODL Service

HODL is a slang term and Internet meme that is used in the Bitcoin community when referring to keeping, i.e. holding onto the cryptocurrency rather than selling it. (wikipedia, HODL)

“Hodl” or holding cryptocurrency has been proven by many people to be the best crypto investment strategy along with taking calculated risks.

Panic Selling is a common reason for failure amongst investors, even more so with crypto investors rather than fiat investors.

Hodl Service helps with both holding & to prevent panic selling. There's many companies and industries that do not allow their employees to be involved with cryptocurrencies. Even with the privacy within crypto some people still don't want to be directly involved so now there is a way for them to “Hodl” as the proprietor without actually having the crypto nor direct access. Panic selling is more commonly occurred during a few scenarios:

  • FUD/Fake Information
  • New ICO/Cloud Miner
  • Market Dips
  • Scams
  • Time Sensitive Object

Fake News (FUD) or incorrect information can be the most common cause of panic selling, mostly with weekend traders & newcomers. New ICOs, deals, new crypto & new companies (like cloud miners) are reasons for people to dip into their holdings to invest. Scams & any time sensitive deal, package, plan, rate; objects can get even the wisest holder to perform irrationally.

Hodl Service charges fees & transfers tax responsibility upon all full amount or partial account withdraws. Although there are no penalties for withdraw, taking on tax responsibility, the standard transfer fees as well as the Hodl fee might stop proprietors from an unnecessary mistake.

The Service

We'll hold your Crypto so you don't have to. With different tax options you can be front forward with your Crypto or privately buy + hold Crypto until you are ready to withdraw.

We're not buying your Crypto off of you but for you. There are upfront, hold & tax fees but some of those fees are designed to help motivate you to ”HODL” your Crypto.

We can hold approximately 25 different currencies: BTC (integrated/multisig address), BTC (no segwit address), BTC (segwit address), LTC, DASH, ETH, STEEM, DCT, EOS, LSK, NEO, NXT, USDT, XEM, XMR, DOGE, ZEC, PTOY, BCH, BCN, XDN, FCN, ARDR, BNT, BTG, GUP, IGNIS.

Every proprietor's account comes with Self-Drop, a free-deposit service where anyone can send Crypto to their Hodlserv account to add into their Hodl Service without having to pay the deposit fee.

Additional Services

1. Purchase Assisting - We purchase the crypto (with limited crypto types) for you & place your newly acquired Crypto in your Hodlserv account.

2. Deposit Rotation - only available with Purchase Assisting, the currency being purchased is rotated per deposit.

3. Auto-Diversify - Once a transfer minimum is reached, your selected funds are diversified into a new cryptocurrency. You can pick your currencies (limited to Hodlserv currencies) or request auto-drop.

4. Auto-Drop - only available with Auto-Diversify, which currency is dropped and/or which currency is picked up set on auto based on: dip/tip, price, amount received of new currency.

All accounts being exited, wallet drained (per currency); withdrawn (per withdraw) are still imposed sanction for holding, tax, transaction & network fees.

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