Get Started

Applying to HODL

Apply to HODL or hold crypto is done in just a few steps:

  1. Pick your tax option
    • Pseudo-Public (Option PP) has minimum starting paperwork
    • Public (Option P) has full tax documents need to begin
  2. Pick your Deposit amount
  3. Check your order submission
  4. Submit your HODLserv Order

Applying for Intermediary

Apply to be a HODLserv Intermediary can be done in a few steps:

  1. Pay to get Bonded by the USA, your state, your residing country/state (non-USA Intermediaries) or apply and be approved for a USA visa (non-USA Intermediaries)
  2. Fill out the Tax Documents (independent Contractor)
  3. Email your resume and the above documentationn to HODLserv Human Relations
  4. Wait for response
  5. Communicate with HODLserv Rep
  6. Be Approved or Disapproved

Already an HODLing?

Please Contact your HODLserv rep or email us

Already an Intermediary?

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