Paul & Janna Krawczyk

Paul and Janna Krawczyk LOVE riding bikes and have each been racing mountain bikes for 25+ years in local, state, regional, and national races, including 12 and 24-hour and 100-mile gravel endurance races. Together they have stood on the podium as a 12-and-24-hour co-ed team (on individual bikes) and at the Chequamegon Fat Tire 40 on a tandem mountain bike as the Supreme Dream Team. They also once suffered the Leadville 100 on their tandem. It was really epic and really hard.

Aside from sharing their passion for mountain biking and lifelong outdoor adventure, their objective for coaching the Hopkins Mountain Bike Team is to empower, inspire, and lift each student athlete into their highest possibility while cultivating a strong, fun, and connected community of riders.

Kathleen Palmer

Kathleen has been racing mountain bikes and winter fat bikes for the last 4 years. She has competed in the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series sport class, Lutsen 49, Borah Epic, Chequamegon 40, and more. She is always looking for the next push to step of the challenge!

Mountain biking and the mountain biking community have given so much to Kathleen over the last 5 years. She is looking forward to supporting and building NICA riders and other bikers in the community through developing and sharpening of skills, as well as supporting the passions, drive and grit of our riders.

Emily Johanneck

Steve Yore

Steve rediscovered his love of riding bikes after a shoulder injury kept him out of a whitewater kayak for a year. Since then, he has raced all types of bikes on all types of trails and conditions, from fat bikes to tandems, from 24 hour solo races in the Sonoran desert of Arizona, to 135 mile races on the Arrowhead trail in Northern Minnesota in the dead of winter. He completed 10 Leadville 100’s, 5 DK200’s, and 3.75 Arrowhead 135’s (and yes, there is a good story behind the .75) :)

At age 51, he finally is able to (occasionally) ride a decent wheelie and is now working on his manuals. He prefers riding single track, gravel roads, and snow to pavement and is excited about the opportunity to share his experience with the Hopkins MTB team and ensure that kids get out and enjoy all that the trails have to offer.

Steve Bobush

Steve was fortunate enough to have a velodrome in his hometown of Kenosha, WI and began racing there at 12 years of age. Racing in the velodrome lit the fire for what has become a lifelong pursuit of fun, friendship and competition on two wheels with this year marking 30 years of racing experience across many cycling disciplines. Steve is a firm believer that the bicycle is the optimal tool for exploratory missions far and wide; the speed of autos is too fast to process it all and you cannot get anywhere very quickly on foot. He and his wife Mollee live in Bloomington, MN with their frisky Alaskan Husky pup named Jojo, whom Steve is grooming to be a trail dog that can shred some dirt (or snow) and be a part of these off-road adventures. Having been fortunate to have many great coaches and mentors throughout his cycling years, Steve feels compelled to help spread the joy of cycling to future generations via a strong foundation in the skills and fundamentals required to pursue cycling as a lifelong passion.