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Raising awareness of the history of our town

A week of activities to engage school children and staff with their local heritage and raise awareness of the Charters and their importance to the town’s heritage.

School History Week

Higham Ferrers Junior School had a dedicated History Week in May with Year 6 focussing on the Town Charters and Years 3–5 investigating other history related projects.

With special thanks to Mr Wilson, Miss Oakenfull and Mr Oberman

Working closely with staff at Higham Ferrers Junior School, volunteers prepared activities for the Charter Week to engage children and staff with their local heritage and raise awareness of the Charters and their importance to the town’s heritage.

St. Mary's Church, Chantry Chapel, Bede House and Wardyn Cross – Image courtesy of Doreen Holyoake

A teacher training day in April was dedicated to Town Tours for staff in preparation for local history studies and the celebration of the Town Charters – not just for this year but for many years to come.

What did the Year 6 pupils do?

Monday morning began with a tour of the town’s historical treasures, with a focus on those related to the Town Charters.

Throughout the week, the pupils engaged in exciting activities – making a film, producing a souvenir booklet, creating scarecrows and castles.

They researched each period of the Charters through the eyes of a 10-year-old child, comparing their lives in Higham Ferrers today with those centuries before.

Making a film …

on the Charters of Higham Ferrers which was premiered on the Charter Celebration Day.

It was shown on the big screen at Cineworld as part of the Heritage Family Fun Day at Rushden Lakes in September.

Take a moment to watch their film …

Made by SmashedApple in partnership with Higham Ferrers Junior School

What is a charter?
How many charters were there?
When was the last charter?
Do we care about our charters?

You can see more images on the Higham Ferrers Junior School website.


Producing a souvenir booklet …

to be given to every Year 6 student when they leave at the end of the summer term

Creating scarecrows …

of characters from the 1251 Charter

The History Week finished on Friday with a visit to Chichele College to view the Charter Exhibition and enjoy the display of castles – the winning entries of the annual Art Competition sponsored by Colemans Craft Warehouse.

The pupils brought their scarecrow creations, based on named characters of freed men and women from the 1251 Charter, to be proudly exhibited for public voting at the Chichele Garden Fair on Saturday 25 May.

Community groups working closely with local schools

The Higham Ferrers Tourism, Business and Community Partnership has always taken pride in nurturing children’s love of the town.

Many begin their introduction to the rich heritage of Higham Ferrers through the venue of our Santa’s Grotto; formerly in the Chantry Chapel and now Chichele College.

Lots of our teenage Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteers exclaim that they remember coming to see Santa at the venue they now help at!

Art Competition for all children and young people

All children from preschool to secondary school have the opportunity to participate in our annual art competition and all Year 6 pupils will have the opportunity to research our rich history using the range of resources and training developed as part of the Charter Project. We look forward to them joining us for another look at the Charter Exhibition and displays on Education in Higham Ferrers at the Chichele Society Exhibition in Chichele College – 31 September to 4 October.

Buildings of Higham Ferrers Art Competition 2018

Chichele Garden Fair

Our Chichele Garden Fair includes activities for children with locally sponsored Art Competitions for all children and young people, and the creation of Scarecrows for public voting.

Nicholas Warliker and helpers planting a meadow grass border

Chichele Garden

Children have been involved in the planting of the medieval-style Chichele Garden since its inception.

Higham Ferrers Archaeological Research Society (HiFARS) display

Chichele Society Exhibition

Last year, all the pupils of the Higham Ferrers Junior School visited the Heritage Exhibition at Chichele College staged by The Chichele Society – the local history group in Higham Ferrers.

Higham Tourism working in partnership with St. Mary’s Church, The Friends of St. Mary's, Higham Chichele Society, Higham Ferrers Archaeological Research Society and the Bedesmen, has helped Junior School children and young people to explore the rich heritage of their town.

Whether through Town Tours of the treasures of Higham, assemblies, class presentations, working towards making the church yard more beautiful by planting spring-flowering bulbs or helping at the Charter Exhibition.