Restoring and preserving for the future

Nine months of conservation work began in September 2018 to restore the Charters for future generations to see and enjoy

1. Assessing the damage

Museum Conservation Services Ltd assessed the six parchment documents belonging to the Town Council of Higham Ferrers:

  1. Charter of 1556, Philip and Mary
  2. Charter of 1605, James I
  3. Byelaws of 1616, James I
  4. Charter of 1664, Charles II
  5. Charter of 1683, Charles II
  6. Charter of 1887, Victoria.

Their report showed:

  • the storage materials and method were slowly causing chemical and physical damage to the documents
  • previous conservation work was of a basic level and had unfortunately caused problems of its own.

1556 Charter

1605 Charter

1616 Byelaws

1664 Charter

1683 Charter

1887 Charter

2. And conservation work began …

Conservation work began in September 2018 and will take up to nine months to complete.

We hope to bring you images and updates as work progresses.

3. After conservation …

  • the restored original Charters will be housed in Northampton Records Office
  • digital images of the restored Charters are to be displayed on this website
  • framed full-size prints of the Charters, alongside interpretative material, will form part of a touring exhibition in the town and wider area in Summer 2019.
  • the town will celebrate the restoration of the Charters on the Charter Celebration Day – Saturday 29 June.