Our Studio

How can you have privacy in a city studio, where anyone can walk in from the street or peek through a window?

Our home-studio is in the basement of a rural home. We have no neighbors within viewing distance. Nobody drops in unexpected. This offers an uninterrupted photo session in a very private, safe, comfortable location.

Specialty Boudoir Room

Bed Side

  • Simple, clean setting.

  • Large European bed is better for posing.

  • Sexy bedding.

  • Vintage chair, fainting couch, and mirror.

Dresser Side

  • Vintage dresser, which is full of vintage and sexy clothing to try.

  • Flowers and shoes, and many other props available.

  • Mirror provides some fun posing options.

Main Studio Area

Flexible and Spacious

  • 10 foot wide backdrop area.

  • Multiple backdrops, multiple floors.

  • Professional photography equipment.

  • Several chairs, podiums, benches.

  • Plenty of props (back of room).