We're located outside of Potosi, Wisconsin, which is in the Southwest corner of the state.

You can come to us.

Our studio consists of a majority of a basement in our rural home. (The next page will show details.)

We can come to you.

Our backdrops, lights, and some equipment can travel. We don't charge if you're within 100 miles of us. Beyond that, there's an additional fee of 50 cents per mile.

Or meet somewhere else.

There's certainly other options:

  • Meet at a hotel and do the session in the room. (Client books and covers the hotel cost directly.)

  • Meet at a friend's house, do the session there.

  • We have access to a variety of building locations

  • Public lands or private lands are an option for outdoor shoots. (Note we can do some outdoor shoots at our studio as well.) Weather dependent

  • Have a place in mind? As a photography business, we can ask for permission to shoot there.