About Us


Owner of Boudoir By Amanda and also Hickok Country Photography, Amanda calls the shots. She will work with you in planning the session, posing, and photographing. She's an expert in bringing out your beauty.


Husband of the owner, Doug does the legwork in setting up sets and making sure things go smoothly and timely. He's also the expert in the technical side of photography and knows how to bring ideas to life.

We want you to be comfortable.

We understand that many women aren't comfortable with a guy around, and that's OK. Doug can be as involved as you're comfortable with, or totally gone for the session. Just be aware that sessions may take longer without the extra help.

We also encourage you to bring a friend or two, if you'd like. If they can help out it's even better!

You are our focus.

This isn't a run-of-the-mill photo session. We limit ourselves to Max. (5) BOUDOIR CLIENT PER MONTH so that we can focus on creating the best results for you.

Most photographers will spend an hour with you and shoot a bunch of photos that all look about the same. We don't!

If you want a calendar, and want a different theme for each month, we will shoot 12 different sets! Even if it takes us two or three sessions to get it all done. (However, note this does depend on the package.)

We will work hard to bring your ideas to life, and we aim for an amazing end product.